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Wallcy is free & easy to use. Not only does Wallcy give you the privacy you need, but it will give you the freedom to bypass censorship and restrictions to any given websites by overzealous governments, system administrators or Internet Service Providers. We protect your IP from prying eyes, whilst maintaining the level of comfort and speed you experience when not using our protection.

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Our VPN service will work on all of your devices. We allow for multiple devices to connect to one account, making you able to use our protection service in your every day life without noticing any difference. Enjoy our features such as data compression, hiding your IP address and encrypting all of your traffic.

Get WALLCY, It’s Free!

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Users worldwide are currently enjoying the level of freedom that is provided by Wallcy. Search & browse with a peace of mind knowing that we will protect and keep your anonymous online. The service is completely free and will remain this way. Give it a try today!

Get WALLCY, It’s Free!